Portray your history, heritage, and memories of a lifetime, graduation, or engagement as remembered and told in your own words with Lifetime Memory Videos by Just Becuz!  

Say "I love you" to a special family member or friend with a personalized Lifetime Memory Gold, Silver or Bronze video package .  Imagine how cherished he/she will feel when asked to share memories, stories and photos. Imagine how your grandfather will feel as he recounts his military experiences and expresses pride to have served his country.  Capture your mother's passion for raising her children while juggling life's demands.  Honor a couple as they approach a silver or golden wedding anniversary.

The Graduation video package allows your young adult to record all those great memories with photo illustrations from his school years and allows parents to provide a personal perspective and message as their child moves into the next phase of their life.

The Engagement video package is an affordable way for the young couple to record their courtship, engagement and wedding plans.  Options are available to include the parental/sibling perspectives as well. 

A professionally recorded interview makes a lasting gift and record of a life's legacy for both the starring individual and family.  Lifetime Memory Videos allow you to capture family history that might otherwise be forgotten over time - and solicit memories you may not have heard before.  Best of all, stories are told in their own words capturing their personality. 

A Lifetime Memory Video is the perfect gift to celebrate a special birthday, wedding anniversary, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, graduation, engagement, or holiday.   

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"Making a DVD telling my life story is a wonderful legacy to leave for my family.  I thought it would be difficult organizing all my memories, but Lynn made it easy. Lynn knows all the right questions to ask to keep everything flowing.  It was an enjoyable experience and I was thrilled with the result." ~ Janet 

"We are so thankful to Lynn for giving us this opportunity to relive precious moments in the life of my Mother, Mandy, and to capture her history on video in her own words.  Lynn gave us a notebook of the questions to review ahead of time.  This organization, combined with Lynn’s  gentle and fun approach to the project , put my Mother completely at ease and guaranteed that we didn’t miss any important topics during the taping session.   Lynn did a professional job of editing the video and included photos we supplied to support the stories.   The end result is a family heirloom video.   We only wish we’d had the opportunity to do this with my Dad while he was alive.  Kudos to Lifetime Memory Videos for a job well done. ~ Anne